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Social Media Verification
Ajkune Professional

01. Objective

A Swiss hairdressing company contacted us because they wanted verification on Tiktok. The blue stamp gives great opportunities for growth in social media, because it increases authenticity, building social proof, and boosting engagement on the part of recipients. Ajkune Professional wanted to grow in social media, so they chose the perfect option to fulfill this goal.

02. Strategies

Ajkune Professional has already been verified on Instagram, and it is an incredibly well-known brand on the international market, so the verification in this case was just a formality. We learned that previous attempts to obtain a blue badge ended in failure, but for us in this case there was no other option than success. We have contacted our Tiktok representatives and sent a verification request.


03. Result

After submitting the application, verification was obtained in less than 24 hours. After completing the entire process, we also provided the company a strategy on how to develop their social media accounts to get the best results.