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Social Media Verification
Jerome Suresh

01. Objective

A client based in Brazil approached us looking for an agency to help them get verified on his Tiktok account. The work was difficult because it was a profile, without any videos and earlier history.

02. Strategies

A client contacted us because he wanted to get verified on his Tiktok account. He wrote to us that the previous two verification attempts had been rejected, therefore the work was made more difficult. We contacted our friendly reps working at Tiktok who gave us specific requirements we had to meet in order to get verified. After meeting them, we sent the application.


03. Result

The whole process, from Jerome contacting us, to the end, took less than 10 days. Thanks to the verification, the buyer arouses much more interest and trust in social media, thanks to which the intended effect has been achieved. Since the verification, the buyer has expanded the profile to over 650,000 followers, gaining 11 million likes!