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Social media is buzzing with brands, influencers, musicians, and public figures. A blue badge makes you stand out in this overcrowded place! But the big question remains: how do I get my account verified on social media? Socialverify is the most trusted social media verification agency that amplifies your personal brand by building your online presence, which goes a long way in getting you verified on various social media platforms.

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Our social media verification service specialists ensure that your profile and content align with all the verification requirements.

Submitting Your Social Media Verification Request

With help from our partners, we send verification requests through a media panel. That way, your submission will be reviewed quicker, maximizing your odds of success.

Your Bluetick Is Delivered!

Sit back, relax, and wait for your blue tick to appear next to your username! You don't need to do anything else; all the work is on our side!

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    Social Media Verification

    Increase your reach, build trust, and project a professional, distinguished, and wealthy brand image. Start being unique and earn more with verification! Social Verify is a global leader in getting accounts verified across all social media platforms.

    Recover Disabled or Hacked Accounts

    Has your account ever been banned or stolen? You've come to the right place. We can help you recover your account, which had tens of thousands of followers devoted to you or your brand.

    Username Claim Service

    Would you like to name your social media profile with your company's name, but it's taken? Our team can obtain and secure your desired username, whether it is a brand, company, or a person's name.

    PR Publications

    Have you ever thought about strengthening your position on the Internet and building your value as an expert in a specific niche? We offer high-quality PR Publications on the Internet on major websites such as Forbes, Nasdaq, Cosmopolitan, Billboard, US Weekly and among many others.

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    The Most
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who needs Social Media Verification?

    In the 21st century, social media is the leading platform for getting into the public eye. Gaining credibility and an audience on social media is only possible with a blue tick badge. Due to blue tick, the social media platform helps you distinguish your profile and makes your achievements credible. You will also increase trust among customers and improve sales. If you are a company, artist or an influencer, you should invest in social media verification.

    What are the benefits of getting a social media verified badge?

    Almost all social media platforms provide special features to those who get their profiles verified. The verification badge allows you to report and delete any counterfeit profile, page, or handle that is impersonating your brand as their own. Your service requests and business appeals are set to top priority; the blue tick allows you to get a response from the support team within 48 hours of submission. The credibility and impact that come with having your profile verified are huge—the blue tick increases your page's engagement and activity, allowing you to reach a larger group of people. Thanks to the badge, you're able to build your customers' trust: statistically, more users trust accounts that are verified, since unofficial profiles cannot obtain the blue tick.

    What is the procedure of getting a social media verification?

    For artists, politicians, business owners, influencers and brands, specific criteria are considered before providing a verified badge. This includes coverage in national and international magazines (elite publications), newspapers, a good following or friends on social media networks.

    If you don't have any of these items, you don't have to worry about anything - we'll help you get them!
    We carry out the verification process from A to Z.

    How much time does it take to get a verified badge?

    It may take some time to gather information and then develop a comprehensive strategic plan that includes a press release distributed through various online and offline media channels. This has to be specific to your niche and your work. Rest assured, we provide 100% unique and natural coverage. Once we are done with the publications, our experts apply for the badge, which is usually approved within two weeks.


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