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Social Media Verification
Crypto Daily Offical

01. Objective


ince the beginning of our activity, we have cooperated with many crypto projects. One of our partners is Crypto Daily Official. Thanks to us, Crypto Daily has been verified on 4 social media platforms. We helped them get verified on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Telegram. Below we will describe the entire process by which we managed to do this.

02. Strategies

The first verification we undertook was Twitter. Crypto Daily started from a very heavy ceiling, because they had no verification on any social media before. Our main mission was to place articles on the Internet, thanks to which it will be possible to obtain verification. Putting the right articles in the right places and our representations on Twitter resulted – Crypto Daily getting a Twitter blue badge. Telegram was next in line. The verification here caused us a bit of trouble, but the previous verification on Twitter that we did, made Telegram a success as well. Another verification that Crypto Daily asked us for was Youtube. We have already written about how simple verification on Youtube is for us, so we will not bore you again. The last of the blue badges we got for Crypto Daily was Facebook. Thanks to our connections inside Facebook and access to the media panel, we managed to get verified them in less than 3 days.


03. Result

In this way, Crypto Daily starting from a very weak position, has four main social platforms verified at the moment, thanks to which it will significantly increase their importance in the crypto world. They will improve their interest, increase engagement, and above all stand out from other accounts that are missing a blue badge.