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Social Media Verification
Noemi Lacuzio

01. Objective


were contacted by a girl who tried her hand at becoming an influencer in Italy. Working in social media certainly gives a lot of freedom and money, but it is not easy to break through, because there is huge competition on the market. The distinction in such a difficult industry will certainly be facilitated by verification. Noemi decided that this time we will focus on verification on Tiktok.

02. Strategies

Due to the fact that Noemi was not yet known in her country, it was almost impossible to obtain verification on her own. Her profile on Tiktok was small, other social media were also just developing. We contacted our Tiktok representatives based in Europe and asked them about the requirements. Fulfilling them was not the easiest, but we managed. A few days after Noemi contacted us, we sent a verification request.


03. Result

The entire verification process from the moment Noemi contacted us took a week. Verification caused that Noemi’s account began to rank higher. Just a several dozen videos allowed her to get 280,000 followers and over 5 million likes.